"Minecraft: Story Mode" Nominated for a Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award!

Cough, cough.

Excuse me. All this surface air is just a bit much - I've been buried under writing Minecraft: Story Mode episode 5 for the last few months and haven't been up here much. But you know what I saw when I emerged from my writer-cave? Nickelodeon has nominated Minecraft: Story Mode for a Kids' Choice Award! That's right! There are kids who might want to choose Minecraft: Story Mode as their favorite video game!

Remember Kids. Choices matter.

"Tales from the Borderlands" nominated for Best Story at the 2016 DICE Awards!

Well this is terribly exciting! Tales from the Borderlands has been nominated for "Outstanding Achievement In Story" by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences! 

Whoa! "Tales from the Borderlands" is getting nominated for a bunch of awards!

Ah, the end of the year. The holidays, cold weather, SantaCon... and all the websites starting to put together their "Best Of" lists.  Gaming mega-site, IGN, has started polling for its Game of the Year awards and they were kind enough to nominate Tales from the Borderlands in a whopping TEN categories! (You remember TFTBL, right? I helped write on it from 2014-2015)

Such a freaking honor to have been part of that team, and an even bigger honor to see all these rad nominations starting to come in.