Welcome to my writing portfolio! Let's get to it. Click each link to view the sample as a PDF.

  • Spare Parts treatment - The final treatment (including character bios) that I wrote for the Chinese/American animated film Spare Parts before the project lost its Chinese funding.
  • Smart Bomb animated excerpt - I'm working on a graphic novel, Smart Bomb, with illustrator Wyatt Banks, though we have also explored doing the story in other mediums, such as this scene from a theoretical film or animated series.
  • Sketch Comedy Portfolio - A collection of my favorite one-page comedy sketches.
  • Wavelength - A comedy short about a mother/son superhero team and what happens when mom discovers that her son has been secretly fighting crime on his own.
  • Contingency - A comedy short about a guy being dragged out to meet women again for the first time since a brutal breakup, but his mind is elsewhere...
  • Tesla In Time - "The Lindenbrook Expedition" - I was recently asked to rewrite the pilot for an animated series created by Zach Tolchinsky and Will Martinez titled "Tesla In Time" about Nikolai Tesla and Mark Twain traveling through time and space to fight the nefarious Thomas Edison. [The characters used are the properties of the show's creators]
  • Blue & Gold Pitchbook - An animated series pitch I was developing for DC Entertainment about a pair of B-List superheroes trying to make it into the big (Justice) League. [All characters used are property of DC Entertainment]