20 min. Variety Hr. (w/eric stirpe)


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Podcasts have been a major source of entertainment and inspiration for me for a few years now, and so it's only natural that I would want to try and start my own one day. There was just one problem...

What kind of podcast could I possibly do?

I don't know enough people to do an interview-style podcast, doing a "personal podcast" felt too self-indulgent, and I'm not an expert in anything so an educational podcast was out of the question....

That's when my eyes fell on the dozens of unproduced comedy sketches I've been accumulating over the years - I hadn't filmed them because I lacked the resources and collaborators, but what if I found a new way to do them? A way that would require nothing but me, a microphone, and my own voice?

Thus, "20 min. Variety Hr. (w/eric stirpe)" was born.

Equal parts NPR and Robot Chicken, "20 min. Variety Hr." is a blend of comedy skits, snippets of scenes, personal anecdotes, and other audio tomfoolery intended to entertain others (and myself). I'm very excited to share it with you all and hope that you enjoy!

Thank you for listening!

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