I used to live in a pretty neat house ("TARDIShaus" or "T-Haus") in Burbank with a a bunch of other really talented artist/filmmaker/creative types who I was lucky to get to collaborate with on a bunch of projects.

  • Wyatt Banks: My artist partner on our graphic novel Smart Bomb and a just all-around swell dude and super-talented character/background designer.
  • Carolyn Chrisman: Animator, novelist, and artist extraordinaire as well as T-Haus's benevolent landlord. Creator of the cult internet hit Reversal of the Heart.
  • Joe Rothenberg: Animator, cartoonist, gamemaker. Creator of the awesomely funny comic strip Mr. Squirms and the equally funny and awesome Ping.

T-Haus also has a roster of auxiliary members; our "honorary residents" who have worked with us and been around so much that they might as well live there.

  • Esther Gonzalez: A very funny and talented comedy writer with a sharp wit (and even sharper tongue). I met this "rull funny" gal in the trenches of the writers' room at indie animation company Divide Nine Animation and the rest, as they say, is history.
  • Osric Chau: Actor known for his work in movies like 2012Fun Size and, lately, for his role as Kevin Tran on the TV show Supernatural. I've been fortunate to get to know him as a co-writer and producer on our short and feature projects.
  • Stanley Tsang: Director, editor, and actor. Started his career in Beijing. I first met him when he was stateside working on the editorial team for Keanu Reeves' directorial debut Man of Tai Chi. With him and Osric, we began working on a number of short and feature projects.
  • Derek Zhao: Talented and extremely versatile composer. Composed the music for my short film Short Circuit Sleuth. We still consider him a member of the Haus even after he moved to China full-time to compose music for Jaguar commercials and TV shows.
  • Jacob Pernell: Composer specializing in indie games. This guy hasn't been around much lately either due to going to study composing more in Scottland. The jerk. He'll probably be back soon though.