These are... words?

Yeah. Words.​

This week's inspiration: "This is America" - Childish Gambino

Donald Glover is one of the rare celebrities that makes me feel like I've been "growing up" alongside him. In college I loved his Derrick Comedy sketches, in my post-college-but-c'mon-I-was-still-a-kid days I loved him on Community, and now heading into my (more-)adult years I love... well, everything he's doing right now.

I saw this video on Saturday night and it's been worming its way through my brain ever since - Not just because of the catchy hooks and infectious beats (though it's got those too), but because of how bold, raw, and personal it is. The fact that he's on such a global platform right now and he's using it to be fearless and incendiary is so inspiring. 

Thanks Childish. Can't wait for that album this summer.