Stirpe's Spring Social Media Cleanse

I had too many mornings in a row where I'd pull my phone out from under my pillow, flip to Twitter, and immediately begin feeling stressed and miserable. Politics. Pop culture hot takes. All of it spewing at me from the literal hundreds of people I was following. At first I tried to cull my follow list. Mute anyone talking about things that stressed me out. But soon I realized that the source of stress wasn't linked to the topic being discussed - It was just straight-up, 100%, linked to being exposed to all that talking and thought-traffic at once. I'm ultimately a pretty solitary and reclusive person - I don't do parties, and I've had more than my fair share of crowd-induced panic attacks - and I'm starting to realize that Twitter is the psychological equivalent of standing in Shibuya Square during commute hour.

Pictured: Twitter at 9:30 am

Pictured: Twitter at 9:30 am

Add on top of it that these days I have no idea what to even use social media for. With Minecraft: Story Mode wrapped up and my next Telltale project still way off from being announced I don't have anything to promote, I'm not someone who enjoys spewing advice for people.... I was basically just using Twitter to be silly occasionally and pretend that I wasn't getting stressed out by all the other stuff.

So I decided to ditch it all. Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter - I deleted the apps off my phone, installed blockers on my web browsers... and I think it's been helping my mental state. I've been noticing less anxiety and less depression with my morning coffee, which has been great. No idea if I'll keep it up permanently or just for a few months, but I'm very happy with the decision so far. The one app I've made an exception for is Instagram, because that one was still consistently giving me a more positive experience. I started following a bunch of fashion and design accounts, so now I can scroll through there and just see a combination of fashionable clothes, cool design, and my friends posting nice pictures. You can stay, Instagram. For now.

Weirdly the thing that I've enjoyed getting away from the most is pop culture chatter. The last two years has been a steadily escalating cycle of "people excited for a movie/people dissecting the movie/people discussing other people's dissection of the movie/wash-rinse-repeat until the next movie came out" and it wasn't until I stepped away that I realized just how sick of it I was. I blame Star Wars I think? Or the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Walt Disney Company is definitely in there somewhere though.

So anyway. Yeah. If you've wondered why I've been quiet "on the socials" lately that's why. I could've probably just let it lie and not post a blog post about it, but at the end of the day I guess I'm still enough of a narcissist (hello, my fellow millennials) that I think people would care. I'm okay with it though.

Cheers everyone! Happy Wednesday!