These are... words?

Yeah. Words.​

"Now THIS is good television!"

WOW that's one heckuva trailer. The video team really knocked it outta the park and did an amazing job selling the episode. Release day was yesterday and it's been really wonderful seeing people's responses because there's a lot of stuff I'm pretty proud of in there - A lot of moments that I'm still so humbled that I got to contribute to Telltale's Batman canon. It was a hectic and crazy couple months getting it made, but now that it's out there that's pretty exciting!

Getting handed a character like the Joker to write was especially daunting at first - I mean, whaddya do with the Joker? He's a character who you can simultaneously do anything with AND simultaneously need to fit a million people's different expectations. It took a lot of drafts and a lot of working with our fantastic voice actor Anthony Ingruber but I think we landed in a place that's pretty great and I'm really proud of it.

Anyway. I'm so glad it's out and people are enjoying it - I in the meantime have been off to the next project for a couple weeks now. Can't talk about it yet but... Pretty excited.