Video from Konsoll 2018!

Molly and I gave a modified reprise of our talk, “Writing & Narrative Design: A Relationship” at Konsoll 2018 in Bergen, Norway this past October and had a lovely time. Konsoll is one of our favorite conferences ever, and it was such a pleasure to be invited last year alongside all the other amazing devs. The video was recently uploaded of our talk and you should totally check it out below if you’re interested to hear more about my and Molly’s process when putting interactive stories together!

Second appearance on Script Lock!

Molly and I were invited to be on Folkman Brothers’ podcast, Script Lock, earlier this month and we had such a fun time! Those guys are great, and we had a wonderful conversation about interactive video, Telltale anecdotes, and how to create a compelling choice. Check it out!


Telltale writing samples

In my 5+ years at Telltale, I was lucky to write on a lot of really cool franchises. I thought it would be a good idea to collect some of my favorite scenes and consolidate them into one place. I feel so lucky that I got to be a part of all these projects and be a part of some really incredible teams. In particular, these scenes wouldn’t have happened without the narrative designers and cinematic folks who helped hone them into the awesome interactive experiences they are.


Scooter’s Garage

When the gang’s caravan gets trashed, there’s only one place to go for repairs: Scooter’s garage. Unfortunately you’ve got no money and Scooter’s got a few screws loose.

Vaughn’s scared to be left behind

This scene of Vaughn being emotionally open with Rhys was a great chance to explore their friendship while still keeping the series' distinctive sense of humor.


Meeting “John Doe”

Unfairly thrown into Arkham Asylum, Bruce Wayne makes an unlikely ally: The terrifyingly-friendly “John Doe.” The very first scene with Telltale’s rendition of the Joker, who would go on to be the co-star of Season 2, it was very important to get this one right and it was a huge honor to write.

Harvey Dent has gone too far

Harvey Dent’s transformation into Two-Face is rapidly underway as he uses his political influence to begin terrifying the population of Gotham as a means of controlling the city’s escalating crime rate. Bruce Wayne goes to him as a friend to try and talk him down... and it doesn’t end well


Confronting Stella

When Petra needs to visit a nearby town to return a lost llama, Jesse has an awkward run-in with her wannabe rival/frenemy Stella.

Recruiting Jack

When Jesse gets a strange gauntlet stuck on her hand, she and Petra go to Beacontown’s resident treasure expert to try and get to the bottom of the mystery. He’s a little... off.

Petra’s breakdown

A true collaboration with episode writer Nicole Martinez, we spent a lot of time talking about this scene, trading drafts back and forth, and I am so happy with the results. Although on the surface this scene is about protagonist Jesse and her best friend Petra searching through the villainous Admin’s old home for a “weapon” that can defeat him, it was also a great opportunity to shine a light on Petra’s insecurities about growing apart from her friends.


Rescuing Sarah and Luke

In this tense scene, protagonist Clementine and her new would-be mentor Jane are attempting to rescue a pair of their friends who are trapped in a zombie- infested RV park. Clementine needs to talk poor sheltered Sarah through a paralyzing anxiety attack to get them out of there.

Working outside on the porch with cats.

I love being on the porch with my cats because every sight, every smell, every sound is very new and exciting to them. Watching them chirp and scamper around just because of how big the world has suddenly become for them is very endearing. Otis, in particular, loves to rub at my hands and chirp at me, and I like to think that it’s because he wants to tell me what a great time he thinks we’re having together. Two inter-species roommates just hangin’ out in nature.