Working outside on the porch with cats.

I love being on the porch with my cats because every sight, every smell, every sound is very new and exciting to them. Watching them chirp and scamper around just because of how big the world has suddenly become for them is very endearing. Otis, in particular, loves to rub at my hands and chirp at me, and I like to think that it’s because he wants to tell me what a great time he thinks we’re having together. Two inter-species roommates just hangin’ out in nature.


Fortnite: Save The World: "Canny Valley Pt. 3"

So maybe you’ve heard of this game “Fortnite” - It’s kind of a global phenomenon. But did you know that, besides the über-popular Battle Royale mode there’s also a story mode campaign called “Save The World?” It’s super fun and funny, full of fantastic characters and crazy-go-nuts lore, and yours truly got to help write the upcoming chapter “Canny Valley Pt. 3”! I had so much fun working with the team at Epic, and I can’t wait for folks to check it!

"Minecraft: Story Mode" - Now streaming on Netflix!


So here’s a cool thing!

Over three years since it originally premiered, Minecraft: Story Mode has been adapted to Netflix! More than just a simple port; the gameplay has been overhauled, the timing and animation have been polished, and lots of other little tweaks have been made to really make it sing on the Netflix platform.

It’s been so exciting seeing a whole new audience of people discover this quirky little game that means so much to me - Check it out for yourself!